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Communicating with brand values and culture

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June 6, 2016

By: Bernice Boucher, Managing Director, Strategic Consulting

The work environment’s configuration and expression are becoming critically important in communicating messages about a company’s culture and brand. More than driving internal engagement about the significance of the company’s work, cultivating a strong culture communicates to clients and investors the organization’s values and behaviors to set one apart from the competition.

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Why culture is key to increasing engagement

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By: Amber Schiada, Vice President & Director of Research, JLL

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Culture is intangible, hard to measure actively, yet easy to sense when you walk into an office space. Workplaces are rarely neutral when it comes to communicating a buzz of engagement or a sluggish vibe of resignation. Company culture can significantly affect very real

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Going the extra mile – Why engaged workers drive business performance

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By: JLL Research

Engaged workers are defined by the consistent discretionary effort they bring to their work practice; they “go the extra mile.” Their own sense of personal success is tied to the business goals, and they develop an emotional connection to the organization. This connection makes them more effective at their job, and they are more likely to develop innovative practices that lead to competitive advantages.


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