Cool cribs aren’t just for techies

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September 19, 2017

By: Alex Holton, Senior Vice President, LEED AP BD+C, JLL

Our data for this is purely anecdotal, but San Francisco has perhaps the highest density of coolest office spaces of any city in America.  Just flip through any number of ‘Cool Spaces’ blogs and features or scroll through tech websites like Cnet or Wired or Techcrunch and you’ll see the evidence. There’s also entire websites dedicated to showcasing cool office space. Check out or

Lyft Hub, San Francisco, CA

Where tech goes, others tread

Some might attribute this to the fact that San Francisco has one of the most vibrant collection of tech companies in the world.  And it’s tech community is often now at the forefront of emerging technologies.  The tech world’s desire to innovate in all facets of its business, including physical space is well known.  But, while the tech sector may have pioneered so-called ‘creative space,’ it’s clear that the desire for such space is now almost universal.

Cool space everywhere

Banks, non-profits, retailers, professional services firms, health systems, engineering firms – these are just some of the office users in the Bay Area who now have ‘cool space.’

Creative space, has very much become the norm, not the exception in today’s economy.

So, what’s the appeal?  More than ever, physical space provides companies with an opportunity to make an important statement, both to their clients and employees. Yes, it’s a branding opportunity…an important one, especially when it comes to a key goal of any company:  attracting and retaining talent.  It is also a physical expression of a company’s culture and immediately speaks volumes about the company housed within the space to visitors, clients, recruits and employees.

Cool space at JLL

At JLL, we’ve been fortunate to be close to this trend for several years because of our role helping tech and other clients manage their own office build-outs through our Project and Construction Management Services capabilities.  In the process of helping these companies stay on time, under budget and deliver exceptional experiences, we’ve learned (and borrowed) a thing or two. And our Workplace Strategy group is at the forefront of thought leadership and trends that shape how and where we work.

This Fall, we’ll open JLL’s new workspace in San Francisco, but over the past couple of years, we’ve also been busy remodeling some of our offices throughout the entire Northwest, including Sacramento, Menlo Park, Portland and Seattle. Take a look below at a couple of our recent Northern California office remodels.

JLL Menlo Park, CA

JLL Sacramento, CA

Interested in learning more about creating a workplace that’s an extension of your brand and fosters collaboration and community? You can do some more reading on the subject here and here, or just shoot me an email and we’ll set up a time to chat.

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