Why has culture become so important in today’s workplace?

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Date: August 14, 2017

By: Gina Prasad, JLL, Chief Operating Officer, West

We hear a lot in business today about ‘culture’. Culture was Merriam-Webster’s ‘Word of the Year’ in 2014, partly because of the way it has been used in business circles. It’s becoming even more important as companies look to build strong brands.

Conventional wisdom suggests that a strong company culture is the sign of a good business. Often, a positive company culture is viewed as a driver of great results. But culture within an organization can be so much more than this. Culture attracts interest in a company’s jobs, helps a company to retain talent and raises interest in a company’s brand and its employees.


Culture and brand

Thanks to our connected, and more transparent business world, it’s much easier today to see inside a company and isolate its culture. Futurist and writer David Mattin refers to businesses today as “glass boxes” – meaning they are easy for the outside world to see into. And this means that when they look into your company, they can clearly see your culture, warts and all (Think Dave Eggers’ The Circle). “Your culture is totally visible,” says Mattin. “It’s a fundamental part of your brand.  And it can be your most powerful public-facing asset or liability.”

Recruit and retain

A good company culture is also a sign of a great place to work. And, a great place to work has greater success in hiring and retaining the right employees.

That’s right. To build and preserve a cohesive company culture, it’s imperative to hire the right talent – employees who fit into, and add to, the prevailing culture of the workplace.

Achieving ambitions

At JLL, our culture is centered around the goal of achieving ambitions. This means helping our clients’ achieve their ambitions as well as achieving our own. But it also means helping our employees to achieve their ambitions, professional and personal, too.

There are many companies who do culture well…and we like to think we are one of them. We’re happy that others think so too.  Here are a few recent awards that JLL has received:

If you’re interested in learning more about the culture at JLL, or want to see if we have a career opportunity that’s right for you, visit jll.com/careers.

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As COO for the West, I oversee operations for twenty major markets within nine states. I provide a “big picture” understanding of total business operations to make sure all facets of JLL’s internal operations are in sync and operating at full efficiency so that brokerage and other service lines can fully focus on the business of winning and retaining clients.

You can contact me directly by email at gina.prasad@am.jll.com or via phone at +1(650) 480-2240.


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