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October 12, 2016

By: Wes Powell, International Director

There are countless strategies we, as individuals, can employ for increasing our own personal productivity, from adjusting our own work habits to being better organized in accomplishing tasks and efficiently managing our time.  But, did you know that our workplace environment also has a significant impact on productivity?

Everything from temperature, to airflow to what kind of light we use has an impact on how well we work.parktowermain

Today’s most advanced buildings, like Park Tower, now under construction in San Francisco’s Transbay sub-market, incorporate industry-leading designs that address these important factors in order to create the most productive workplace possible.

“Set wide the window, let me drink the day”

Having a room with a view has long been perceived as making people more productive, creative and content.  Park Tower offers tenants bay views from more than 70 percent of its leasable space as well as a lushly landscaped park and 14 sky decks totaling 50,000 square feet of outdoor & open space; biophilia and views increase mental function and memory by 10 to 25%.[i]


Looking to decrease employee sick leave? Capitalize on one of Park Tower’s tenant exclusive sky decks with sweeping views that enables tenants to enjoy an exclusive retreat within their work day. On average, employees with views of water and/or green space from their desks take almost 12 fewer hours leave per year than workers with limited or no views.[ii]

Workers can also be more productive in an office environment with natural daylight.  Designed with floor-to-ceiling windows and minimal-to-no-columns per floor, Park Tower provides tenants with the opportunity to maximize natural light and comfort.  One study suggests productivity increases by 18 percent in workspaces with abundant natural light.[iii]

“It’s hot in here, it must be summer”

Just like Goldilocks, if it’s too hot or too cold, chances are you won’t be able to work efficiently. A high level of thermal comfort improves alertness, which is why Park Tower is designed with the most advanced building systems. Studies show that thermal comfort increases productivity of the average employee by 3 percent. [iv]

“All I need is the air that I breathe”

California (and New Jersey) regulate indoor air quality to safeguard workers’ health but numerous studies have shown that good ventilation and a consistent supply of quality air in the workplace can increase productivity by 11 percent.[v] Park Tower features the most advanced building systems, ensuring that tenants will be able to enjoy the freshest air indoors.

“You Can’t Understand a City without Using its Public Transportation System”

Located at the epicenter of San Francisco’s most desirable sub-market, Park Tower will provide your company with unparalleled access to every mode of transportation, and help you retain employees. Located adjacent to the future Transbay Terminal, Park Tower offers immediate access to 11 forms of public transportation and easy access to highways. Studies show 14% of Americans have changed their jobs in order to shorten their commute, and Park Tower is at one of the most easily accessible spots in downtown.


Due to its premier location and innovative design, Park Tower offers tenants bay views and more than a dozen expansive sky decks that will allow tenants to create unique outdoor workspaces and collaborative areas for teams. It’s state-of-the-art building systems will ensure optimal air quality, and it’s floor-to-ceiling windows will enables employees working indoors to receive maximum natural daylight.

Click image below to check out the 6 Park Tower design features that influence productivity. 


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Wes Powell is an International Director who co-leads the Agency Leasing group and works closely with Capital Markets on investments. Based out of the San Francisco Office, Wes has been a market leader at JLL for the past 15 years. 

Contact Wes directly by phone at +1 (415) 395 4901 or via email at


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