Bay Area’s Vital Signs Snarled by Traffic

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October 5, 2016

By: Christan Basconcillo & Eduardo Romero, JLL Research

A new report from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) came out this week and it wasn’t pretty reading for Bay Area commuters.


To few people’s surprise – especially those of us who drove the routes last year — the northbound Peninsula afternoon commute on U.S. 101 and the eastbound Interstate 80 commute out of San Francisco were the most congested routes in 2015.  However, 2014’s most congested route, while falling to number 2 in 2015, also made history.

The westbound I-80 drive from State Route 4 in Hercules to U.S. 101 in San Francisco had congested conditions extending from 5:35am to 7:50pm.  According to the MTC, this is the “first time routine congestion on any Bay Area freeway segment has not been interrupted by a mid-day break.”

As the Boss sang:  “I swear I’d drive all night again, just to buy you some shoes.”  Apparently, on I-80, Mr. Springsteen, you would.

The fact is, traffic matters.  It matters when we want to get to work.  It matters when we want to visit friends and relatives, go to the beach, even buy some shoes.  It matters to employers, who want to get their employees to work and home again safely and efficiently, with minimal disruption.

Last week, our team produced a report looking at different aspects of transportation in the Bay Area. How does transit affect a company’s ability to attract and retain talent?  Are all walkable locations created equal?  Where are companies moving to and why?  We think you’ll find it informative. You can download the full report here.footer-graphic

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