East Bay Migration Outlook

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August 1, 2016

By: Katherine Billingsley, Research Analyst, JLL

The East Bay is emerging into the Bay Area spotlight, proving to be a viable contender to neighboring markets.

San Francisco’s high prices are prompting migrations, expansions, or partial moves into the East Bay. East Bay’s total average asking rents are nearly 50% less than San Francisco’s.


Our tenant migration list has exceeded 1.7 million square feet during the current cycle (since 2010), with a majority of these tenants coming from San Francisco and 48% coming from tech and consumer products.


Download our Summer 2016 release of the East Bay Migration Outlook highlighting the spillover effect taking place in the local office market from high-priced San Francisco. In this report you will find:

  1. Industry breakdowns – charts and graphs that illustrate tenant migrations, expansions, or partial moves into the East Bay by industry.
  2. The list – A running list of companies that have migrated or expanded into the East Bay from other markets since the beginning of the cycle (2010 to present).

EB Migration Graphic

Report Key Points:

  • Since 2010, more than 1.7 million square feet of migration or expansion into the East Bay has occurred. A majority of these tenants came from San Francisco (nearly 90.0 percent).
  • The cost of living in San Francisco has translated into a stronger demand for housing in the East Bay, especially in transit-oriented locations. Company decision-makers realize the majority of their employment base resides in the East Bay, incentivizing them to consider relocating or expanding their operations to leverage the accessible talent pool.
  • Limited availabilities in core East Bay markets have slightly tapered demand from San Francisco, more notably in markets such as Oakland-CBD where vacancy is below 4.0 percent. Despite shrinking availabilities in Oakland, tenants still have options in submarkets along the 880 and 680 Corridors, and outer-market tenant demand remain above 1.0 million square feet.

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