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June 13, 2016

By: Ryan Mathews, Marketing Manager, JLL

In a recent interview, JLL Northwest market director Elizabeth Hearle pointed to the pace of technological change as one of the biggest challenges facing the commercial real estate sector. She’s clearly not alone in that view.  Even outside the world of real estate, there is much to suggest that adoption of technology is speeding up.

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Even for an industry long criticized as a ‘dinosaur’ for its seeming refusal to embrace even rudimentary technology – until quite recently, a financial calculator was really the only tech tool in many a CRE professional’s arsenal — things have surely changed. But JLL has always blazed a trail in the development and deployment of technology, especially to create more efficient and insightful decision making.

The firm has been ranked on InformationWeek’s Elite 100 in each of the last five years and is the only real estate services firm to regularly appear in the ranking, which highlights the most innovative adopters and users of technology.

 Some of the firm’s most noted innovations include:

  • RED, the JLL corporate real estate data and analytics platform. Years in development, RED delivers data analysis that enhances C-Suite decision-making, using judicious data governance tools to integrate real estate data with information from HR, IT, procurement, marketing and external data sources. Its recent launch highlights the evolving role that technology plays for non-technology companies competing in a data-driven world.
  • Blackbird, a next-generation geographic information system. Blackbird illuminates the site selection process, presenting leading GIS information overlaid directly with commercial real estate market data, a combination not offered by other systems available on the market.
  • HiRise, an online marketplace for office space. This first-of-its-kind platform fundamentally changes the way office space is sought, transacted and shared, allowing building owners to efficiently monetize and promote available space directly to tenants at pre-negotiated rates and create flexible leasing opportunities for small businesses and startups not yet ready for traditional office leases.
  • IntelliCommandSM, JLL’s global smart building platform. The system and its professional staff remotely monitor and continuously commission smart buildings around the world on a 24/7 basis, predicting adverse events and launching real-time responses to external factors. (Example: It’s 5:30am. Do you know if your data center is about to have a critical power failure? If you have IntelliCommand, you do – and you probably know well in advance.)

These are just a few of the proprietary technologies that have been developed by JLL but one thing’s for sure:  more are being developed every day.


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