JLL Women’s Business Network’s “Evolving Workplace” event recap

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April 28, 2016

By: Brittany Guarna-Martinez, Marketing Coordinator

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Earlier this month, over 40 professional women in real estate came together at the JLL Women’s Business Network’s “Evolving Workplace” event. Hosted at CloudFlare’s brand new office in the SoMa district of San Francisco, the event featured an esteemed panel of guest speakers including Julia Hopkins-Powers of Two Furnish, Amy Tamburro of ASD | SKY, Shevelle Pratt of Instacart, and Leigh Garroutte and Laura DelaFuente of JLL. With expertise ranging from architecture and real estate to operations and account management, panelists gave insight into the challenges and trends in today’s workspaces, and discussed the future of the workplace.

As workplace culture continues to evolve and appeal to a younger workforce, traditional workspace layouts with high cubes and private offices are giving way to open floor plans where users can work from any posture in any location, unique furniture, standing desks and a plethora of meeting spaces. However, as operations manager Leigh Garroutte pointed out, “There are still people who value the traditional look and feel for business reasons…so we need to find a balance.”

According to architect Amy Tamburro, rapid growth, coupled with an increasing number of people in an open space, will eventually require more private places to work. “[It’s] critical to have enclosed space with open space. Phone rooms, huddle spaces, focus rooms, [are] all just as important as open space.” While user trends continue to move toward a more open, collaborative work setting, it’s clear that private space is still an important office feature not to be neglected.

The “Evolving Workplace” event is just one of many networking opportunities that the JLL Women’s Business Network has planned for this year. If you would like receive information about upcoming events please email Cara Trani at

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