Fully engaged – What does your workplace say about your company culture?

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By: JLL Research


Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.41.32 AMIn the upcoming weeks, we will share sections of a recent JLL research report that advocates for the importance of ‘workplace expression’ as a crucial tool that improves employee engagement and motivation. The physical design of the workplace can harness and communicate a company’s culture and brand values.

The future of the workplace is changing. The way we work is evolving to meet the new demands of marketplace driven by advancing technology, and where agile businesses are disrupting the status quo. Organizations need to look for other strategies, tools or approaches to sustain and grow business performance.

A focus on employee engagement has become a top business priority for senior executives. The upcoming posts will discuss the performance and financial benefits an effective workplace expression can bring to your organization by exploring case studies and examining the links between company culture and employee engagement.

If you would like to jump ahead and read the entire report, visit: http://www.jll.com/research/163/fully-engaged-report


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