When a Picture Paints a Thousand Words

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By: JLL Staff Writer

Construction barricades are a safety necessity for building owners when renovating their lobbies, but they are usually not very attractive.  In fact, most are downright boring.  What’s more, passers-by — as well as building owners and tenants — are forced to look at the bland, whitewashed barriers for months on end.

Building owner Vanbarton Group and JLL solved that problem when they devised a plan for 301 Howard Street, New York-based Vanbarton’s first purchase in San Francisco’s office market.  With a strategy to reposition and renovate the building’s lobby, the team wanted to make a statement to let tenants know the Transbay neighborhood building and its management was in tune with the city’s creative vibe.

Enter celebrated LA street artist CANTSTOPGOODBOY, who was commissioned to create one of his signature works to dress up 301 Howard’s construction barricade.  The piece, ‘Crooked Mane’ (shown below) now adorns the barricade at the corner of Howard and Beale and is a bright, colorful and creative spark in a bustling and busy area of the city.


“You can walk around the city and see these barricades on every street but no one ever pays attention to them.  We’ve had great comments from tenants, followers of Street Art and even people just walking to BART.  Some of them even thank us for doing a ‘cool thing for the City’,” says Wes Powell of JLL.

According to William Bond, managing director of Vanbarton Group, “301 Howard is the first office building we’ve owned in San Francisco and we wanted to make a splash.  What better way than to provide just a bit of color and creativity in one of the most creative cities on earth.”

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