San Francisco – Law Firm Trends & Outlook

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By: JLL Research

Law firms with leases set to expire within the next two years face tough decisions regarding renewal. Landlords across San Francisco are pushing for longer lease terms in an attempt to lock in today’s rates, despite expected market trends.

However, firms may have an advantage with some landlords who are seeking to diversify their highly tech-based tenant rosters.

If your firm is looking for new high-end space it may want to look towards the North Financial District, which may offer a slight discount compared to the South Financial District.

We believe the market will return to neutral status in 2016, with new space expected to hit the market in 2016 and 2017.

Our San Francisco-based law firm team is eager to help your firm tackle the biggest market challenges today, with winning strategies that have proven to succeed.

  • Find ideal space and negotiate the best lease possible, even in tight market conditions
  • Attract and retain attorneys, and encourage collaboration among them
  • Grow your business without taking on unnecessary overhead
  • Improve space efficiency and reduce operating costs
  • Plan strategically for mergers or acquisitions


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