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Hottest Trends in Creative Office Design for 2015

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By: NorCal Project Development Services Team

Office design and layout is a key focus for companies as they look to attract, recruit and retain the best talent in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Here are five trends our experts in Project Development Services see as likely to dominate build outs for workplace design over the next 12 months.

Sit/Stand Stations
UntitledSit/stand desk configurations have been in… Read More

2 Great Cities, But What to Eat? Pizza vs Burrito

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By: Katy Scheck, Director of Marketing

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Pizza vs burrito. It’s a dilemma I face 24/7. With only 7 days in a week it seems impossible to consume enough of the 2 best foods on the planet. I would go see a movie called Pizza vs Burrito before I… Read More

Oh What a Skyline!

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By: Amber Schiada, Vice President, Director of Research

My favorite thing about visiting a new city is seeing its skyline for the first time. I have a deep interest in architectural design, and while I may not be an architect by training, I can certainly recognize a beautiful cityscape when I see one. I live in San Francisco, and love to escape the city, but every time I return and hit the curve… Read More