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Freight track improvements in Marin and Sonoma Counties will drive industrial demand and development over the next decade

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By: Jordan Riesenberg, Research Analyst


Industrial development in the North Bay region has been historically stymied by a lack of infrastructure capacity, high land prices, and some of the strictest land use regulations in the United States. While the last two are unlikely to change, there is new infrastructure on the way. Greater transportation… Read More

How long can the good times roll?

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By: Amber Schiada, Vice President, Director of Research

We’ve been lucky to experience such a booming economy for the past few years in the Bay Area, but this boom is leading to some growing pains. Technology is expanding like gangbusters; people from around the world are migrating here to jump into the industry, high-tech startups and giants alike are expanding into office space, and all the best brunch places seem to have never-ending… Read More